SW-Motech TraX EVO Cases

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The TRAX EVO aluminum case is the ultimate in durable, dependable luggage. The aluminum case with a wall strength of 1.5 millimeters and fiber-reinforced plastic corners is tough, but nevertheless a lightweight. Intelligent features guarantee safe and reliable travelling with TRAX EVO on all driving conditions.
We offer TRAX EVO in different sizes and colours and recommend useful accessories. Side cases are compatible with all SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK side carriers. Separately available adapters allow using TRAX EVO also on side carriers from other brands like Givi or Hepco & Becker. Also available: TRAX EVO aluminum pannier system including two aluminum side cases, bike-specific side carriers, adaptation kit, lock cylinder set and anti-theft device.

Call or email for bike specific mounting hardware. These will currently be an order in item as we want to get  fitment correct for your desired bikes.