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EarthX Lithium batteries are designed as a maintenance free replacement for the 12 volt lead-acid or lithium batteries. To ensure a smooth replacement process, our batteries are similar in dimensions to many OEM motorsport or power sport batteries. Our 12V replacement lithium battery consists of 4 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells in series and one or more in parallel with built in electronics to protect the lithium cells. Our lithium cells together with our Battery Management System (BMS) create the safest lithium battery on the market, with more starting power, and longer life.

The common features of our Lithium Batteries;

 Flexible battery connection – with center mounted terminals and terminal adapters, the same batteries can be used in either left or right side polarity applications.

 Longer Storage Life –there is no need to float charge in the off season

 Environmentally Friendly – no hazardous chemicals and it can be recycled

 Fast Charge – can be fully charged in less than an hour (if charged at the maximum recommended charge rate)

 Maintenance Free!

 No Special mounting direction (could even be mounted up-side-down)

 Will Not Freeze or Boil Over – Lithium batteries are dry cell technology and will not freeze or boil ever

ETZ5G & ETX12A replace the following batteries: YTX4L-BS, YB4L-B, 12N5-3B, YTZ5S, YT5A, YTX5L-BS, YT6A, YT7B-BS, YTX5L-BS, YTZ7S, YTX7L-BS, YB9A-A, YB7L-B, YB7-A, YTX7A-BS, YT7B-BS, YB9-B, YT9B-BS, YB9L-A2, YB10L-B2, YB-10A-A2

ETX18B replaces the following batteries: YB12A-A, YT12B-BS, YT14B-BS, YTX14AHL-BS, YTX14AH-BS, YB14-B2, SYB14L, YB12AL-A2, YB16AL-A2

ETZ - BMS All EarthX integrated BMSs continuously monitor each cell’s voltage as part of the cell balancing and over-charge protection. If the voltage of a cell exceeds the others, the BMS circuits will work to reduce that cell’s charge level. This ensures that the charge level of all the cells remains equal, even with the high discharge (> 100Amps) and charge current (>10Amps) of your vehicle. A cell can be permanently damaged if over-charged (over-voltage) just one time. The BMS has circuitry to disconnect the battery from the charging system (plug-in charger or your vehicle) if the voltage exceeds 15.5 volts (an over-charge condition). The ETX Hundred Series batteries have enhanced over-charge protection; see the ETX - Hundred Series section below for more details. The ETZ BMS has short circuit protection, but it is not resettable or repairable.

ETX - BMS The ETX series BMS has all the features of the ETZ series, plus over-discharged protection (completely draining the battery), excessive cranking protection, and short-circuit protection. The BMS disconnects the battery from the load if it is drained to less than 5% remaining charge (an over-discharge condition). An over-discharged battery typically has a voltage less than 11.5V. If the BMS disconnects the battery, the voltage reading of the battery will be zero volts. Excessive cranking protection logic includes temperature monitoring to limit “high current use” (engine cranking) to 10 -30 seconds in any 60 second period. If the battery terminals are “shorted” (or a low impedance load is connected across terminals), which causes the battery volts to instantaneously drop to a very low level, the battery will disconnect from the load to protect the cells and BMS from damage (short circuit protection). If the BMS disconnects due to excessive cranking protection or short circuit protection, the BMS will automatically reconnect after a cooldown period (typically 1-3 minutes). The ETX series is designed for short circuit protection > 1000 Amps.