2022 Beta Enduro RR 2-stroke

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Following Beta tradition, the RR range encompasses all the enduro models of the brand, with no exception. High-performing and sophisticated bikes that manage to appeal a broad range of users, thanks to the continuous work of the engineers of the Tuscan brand meant to constantly improve these machines and make their impressive power and performance easily accessible to all.

As always, the range is made of 8 different models, each with its own personality, to cater for the needs of any rider. There's the perfect RR for every rider, even though they all share the ability to instill confidence in the user and offer a genuinely rewarding riding experience. The key characteristics of each model are:








The smallest bike in the Beta range, it is the lightest and easiest to handle. In pure racing style, it is suitable for both young riders coming up from the lower categories and more expert riders looking

for a fun bike.

The chassis set-up and engine derive from its smaller sister, ensuring an extremely contained weight and excellent handling but with decidedly greater torque and power. Oil injection and an electric starter make this a complete bike, just perfect for Enduro enthusiasts.

Ideal for those looking for a gentler 2-stroke bike with slightly less power and torque than top-of-the-range models to ensure excellent handling.

Made for those who appreciate a big engine with significant torque at any speed.

Suitable for those who favour long gearing.

The most significant upgrades and new features introduced for the MY 2022 RR range are:

For all models

  • Suspension: the rear mono-shock gains new compression damping settings with independent high and low speed damping rates. This prevents the two parameters from influencing each other and limiting the customization of the setting. The settings available for the fork have been revised to improve ride-ability and precision during extreme use. The fork tubes are now different in colour, thanks to the new anodizing process which improves the surface hardness and corrosion-resistance of the
  • Graphics: all models now feature a new all-red colour scheme. Combined with the new graphics, which perfectly match the shape and componentry of the bike, the new style gives the bike a very sleek, race-bred look.

In addition to these range-wide upgrades, a number of more specific and substantial modifications have been introduced on certain models to accentuate their unique and unmistakable personality.


RR 300 2 Str

  • Engine: the engine has been completely revised, with an all-new larger bore cylinder, a new piston and a new power valve;
  • Crankshaft: new shorter throw crankshaft, for a shorter piston stroke than the previous model;
  • Cylinder head: the head is also completely new, and has been redesigned in consideration of the other new components and the new iridium spark plug;
  • Silencer: the smaller diameter silencer improves the top-end performance and tractability of the engine;
  • Clutch with diaphragm springs: the 300 model gains a new clutch, with smoother and less strenuous control action, more effective engagement and increased transmissible torque. This clutch also features mechanically adjustable spring preload, offering a choice of 3 settings with a specific adjuster


The RR 300 2 Stroke has received the most substantial and far-reaching modifications of the entire range.


The new engine, combined with a dedicated new engine control unit map, boasts smoother and more progressive response to throttle input and more linear power delivery. Despite the significant hike in maximum power, the bike as a whole is also easier to handle and more intuitive and forgiving to use than before.



RR 250 2 Str

  • Clutch with diaphragm springs: this solution makes the clutch action lighter, more progressive and more controllable, significantly reducing rider fatigue. Both engagement and disengagement have been improved, while the clutch is now capable of transmitting even more torque. What's more, to allow for a totally customization set-up, three different spring preload settings are available, adjustable with a simple mechanical procedure;


RR 125 2 Str

  • Cylinder head and power valve: these two redesigned components work in concert to maximize torque at mid-to-high engine speeds - the range in which the little 1/8 litre Betamotor power unit truly

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