KTM Chain and Sprocket Combo

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We have created 3 kits for your convenience We call them Economy, Performance, Premium. Also, take advantage of our Chain Maintenance Combo Kit offer save  $10 with your chain kit NOW

Kit designed to fit ALL KTM/HSKY all 125-530 models '09-current

They will contain a front sprocket, rear sprocket, an EK chain, and a Free set of new rear Sprocket bolts, and a discounted Chain maintenance Kit OPTION

The Economy kit will come with a Steel Apico Sprocket in either 13T, or 14T, along with an AFAM Sprocket STEEL Rear Sprocket, choice of 48,50, or 52, and an EK O-Ring natural chain in 120L with a clip link.

The Performance kit will come with a Steel Apico Lite front, and a Steel SLK Rear, with an EK O-Ring Gold chain, all with the same gear options.

The Premium Kit will come with a  Steel Apico Lite front, a Hybrid steel tooth alloy center rear in Red, and an X-Ring Gold chain.

We reserve the right to substitute brands as specific models require, and upon availability.
Please include YEAR, MAKE, and MODEL in note upon completion of order.