Maxima Chain Combo Kit

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Cleanup, MPPL, and Chain Wax are a winning combination proven to increase horsepower and extend chain and sprocket life. Maxima Clean-Up is an emulsion-type degreaser excellent for chains and sprockets that easily washes out with water. Maxima MPPL is a superior all-purpose spray-on penetrating lubricant that provides an excellent barrier against rust & corrosion. Great for displacing moisture. Maxima Chain Wax is Americas #1 chain lubricant. Exclusive Parafilm formula sprays on as a liquid, penetrates and then sets up as a soft waxy film, creating and excellent lube that protects the chain from the elements. Outstanding rust & corrosion protectant. Will not fling-off or attract dirt.

Maxima Chain Wax/Clean Up/MPPL Ultimate Combo Kit


  • Increases horsepower and torque to the rear wheel
  • Offers outstanding chain and sprocket life
  • Safe for O-ring and non O-Ring chains
  • Comes with one large can each: 1 CleanUp chain cleaner; 1 MPPL; 1 Chain Wax

4 step process noticeably reduces rolling resistance:

  • Simply spray on CleanUp
  • Hose off with water
  • Liberally apply MPPL
  • Lube chain with Chain Wax

Maxima Chain Guard Combo Kit

The ultimate chain care system. The Maxima combo kit comes complete with Clean-Up Chain Cleaner, MPPL penetrant lube and Synthetic Chain Guard chain lube.

  • 100% Synthetic formula
  • Crystal clear, lightweight, tacky chain lube
  • Increase chain and sprocket life
  • Free up horsepower to the rear wheel
  • This proven 3-step process dramatically frees the drivetrain, quiets chain noise and lubricates longer than other chain lubes
  • For use in Off-Road and Street applications