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Michelin Bib Mousse

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Invented by MICHELIN and designed for Rally Raid, Enduro, and Motocross motorcycles, here are few tips for using MICHELIN Bib Mousse:

  • Lighter than a reinforced tube, provides a pressure equivalent to 13 psi, and frees you from the hassles of a flat tire.
  • Designed for leisurely all-terrain use and solely with a MICHELIN brand tire.

The maximum riding speed for a tire equipped with MICHELIN Bib Mousse is 80 mph. It contains the marking NHS (Not for Highway Service). A motorcycle equipped with MICHELIN Bib Mousse must therefore not be driven on a highway.

MICHELIN Bib Mousse must not be stored for a long period of time at more than 86°F and should not be exposed to temperatures of more than 104°F.

MICHELIN Bib Mousse can be used for a maximum of 6 months from the time it is fitted to your motorcycle. This limit may be reduced significantly if your motorcycle is used extensively.

The service life of MICHELIN Bib Mousse can vary considerably depending on the severity of use and discipline practised. For example, it will be shorter for Motocross than Enduro.

Before one quick step, Michelin recommends you gradually warm up the MICHELIN tire and MICHELIN Bib Mousse set at a moderate speed.

Every time a new or used MICHELIN Bib Mousse is fitted or refitted, the use of MICHELIN gel will optimize its service life by preventing overheating.

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