Michelin StarCross 5 - Medium

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Michelin Starcross 5 Medium Motorcycle Tires are designed to give you traction in all sorts of medium terrain conditions. The aggressive front tread never washes out in steep lean angles while the rear provides dirt shredding traction as well as a large lean angle to keep your rubber side down. The Michelin Starcross 5 Medium Motorcycle Tires are lighter, stronger and provide more contact patch than previous Michelin dirt tires.

  • Reduced unsprung mass on both front and rear tires reduces the rotational inertia for improved acceleration, braking, and steering control.
  • Stronger, higher density casing materials minimize weight up to an average of 10% for all tires.
  • Self Cleaning Tread Design -Fine lines found at the base of the tread blocks are designed to release mud and debris as the casing flexes to maintain maximum traction and clean tread.
  • Confort Casing Technology - The new casing absorbs square edges and braking bumps better, and minimizes tire rebound, which helps reduce rider fatigue.
  • MICHELIN StarCross 5 front tires are designed to enhance braking performance and cornering traction while maintaining an optimized contact patch.
  • Enhanced tread designs with more aggressive sculptures and variable height tread blocks that maintain traction straight up and at varying lean angles.
  • Lateral rigidity is maintained by using two, more densely constructed polyester plies, providing increased sidewall strength, which reduces the likelihood of pinch flats.
  • Wider Range of Use: MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium and Soft versions are more versatile and effective in a wider range of terrains and conditions compared to the previous range
  • The new bead profile makes them easier to install.