Scott Hustle MX WFS Goggles

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Scott Hustle MX WFS Goggles

A true competitor’s goggle, the Hustle is the top choice of many professional riders and represents the cutting edge of Scott’s Moto goggle technology. The Hustle X features Scott’s 2-layer face foam which provides ample comfort. Additionally, its polycarbonate lens blocks 100% of UV rays, and the NoFog lens treatment keeps things clear when other goggles would turn into a sauna.

The WFS Works Film System uses two canisters, one to feed fresh clear film and the other with a strong motor to pull dirty film away from the viewing area, ensuring you always have a clear line of sight to the finish. By positioning the wide 50mm film canisters behind the outriggers, Scott was able to maximize both vertical and peripheral vision. The canisters clip in place directly on the Works pins of the lens, allowing for fast transitions to traditional tear offs and back to film canisters. 


  • Works Film System canisters
  • Anti-stick grid with mudflap
  • 2 rolls of film
  • Revolutionary Air Management System (RAM)
  • Silicone lined strap
  • Tyrant/Hustle series lens and tear/off compatible
  • 2-layer molded face foam
  • NoFog anti-fog lens treatment