Shellbourne Fuels Full Synthetic 15W-40 Engine Oil - 4 Litre Jug

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Are you looking for a high-quality Canadian Made full synthetic oil for use in your Motorcycle? Full synthetic Gasoline oil built for the harsh environment of Enduro and Trail bikes.

Wear protection beyond CK-4 standards

There are two basic types of wear in an engine: mechanical and corrosive wear, which is found when acids form during the combustion process. Part of an engine oil’s responsibility is to protect against wear. In API industry wear tests, Shellbourne's 15W40 didn’t just meet CK-4 specs, it demonstrated an 85% improvement in copper corrosion protection and 98% improvement in lead corrosion protection than required, an average of 50% more wear protection than required.

Delivers excellent oil consumption control

Lower volatility in conjunction with detergents and dispersants used in Shellbourne's 15W40 help provide excellent oil consumption control. Shellbourne's 15W40 provides lower oil volatility in the Noack test compared to conventional mineral oils of 15W-40. Lower Volatility = Lower Oil Consumption.