Shellbourne Fuel Enhancer

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Modern pump fuels pose three main problems for dirt bikes: Insufficient octane levels, elevated ethanol content, and fuel aging in holding tanks.

Shellbourne Fuels’ line of enhancers solves each of these problems by boosting octane and breaking down ethanol and moisture collected in holding tanks. In addition to making pump fuel safe for high performance consumption,

Shellbourne Fuel Enhancer changes the molecular structure of the fuel to encourage efficient atomization and boost caloric value. This is not just an “additive.”

  • XP-1: Standard fuel enhancer requiring minimal if any jetting changes.
  • XP-2: Oxygenated fuel enhancer offering more power gains, requiring some jetting changes on carbureted machines. Generally recommended for fuel injected four strokes.
  • XP-S: Fuel enhancer for use in cold weather applications such as snowmobiles or ice racing.