Talaria Sting Kaniwaba Propulsion Kit

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Pedal System Kaniwaba with Propulsion (89 mm Crank) Talaria Sting.

What YOU get:
  • The Pedal Kit V3.0 for TALARIA Sting plus the Power Kit Add-on for TALARIA Sting Pedal Kits V3.0.
  • Strong. Left and right side brackets are made of a single piece to stand drops and tough conditions! 
  • This pedal kit WILL propel your ebike.  You get carefully designed sprockets to install on the gearbox's output shaft WITHOUT UNINSTALLING IT, a high quality freewheel with hub, and a 36 link bicycle chain with master link so you can easily install on uninstall!   
  • Add the TALARIA Electronic Pedal Kit for faster speed when pedalling (available soon).
  • A pedal kit that lets your rear suspension WORK. The original pedal kit is located directly on the rear swingarm, therefore it does not spring your weight... you will feel the difference immediately going over obstacles, plus the turning is greatly improved!
  • Compatible with chain or belt drives
  • Plug and Play pedal kit fixed to the frame! You just disassemble the existing side brackets and install the pedal kit.  
  • Easy setup.  Adjust the kit to your bike using the stainless steel collars.  You may easily change between pedals or footpegs (and you have three footpeg positions!).  Just install the footpegs or the cranks without removing the pedal kit, you can also remove the spindle. You choose!
  • Maintenance free.  New design is maintenance free since it has sealed cartridge bearings.
  • Brace bar.  Also works as a brace bar
  • Reduced wobble.  Little to no wobble of the chain and improved in this V3.0, since it is not connected to the main drive chain, a common problem with the OEM kit.
  • Cranksets compatible. This kit is compatible with JIS square tapered cranksets, no major crank offset is required. If the crank has no offset, the maximum compatible length is 160mm. OEM Crankset is compatible.
  • Aluminum made in order to reduce weight.  With a weight of around 5.0 Lb (2.3 kg).  The spindle is made of stainless steel.
  • Durable Materials. Parts made of aluminum and stainless steel.  It will last a long time.