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Boss the backcountry with the NEW 2022 129 FR. Stronger and more responsive than ever, giving you the traction you need to lean further and shred harder on powder.

  • Shed over 1 pound* without losing traction no matter the angle, no matter the conditions with the NEW deeper 2.6" cup-shaped SNOWBIKE track.

  • Tear it up in the meadows or soak up the slopes. The NEW stage 3 ELKA shock is calibrated for smooth riding in rough conditions.

  • Ride harder, longer with better shock support from upgraded shock bearings and larger lower shock spacers.

  • Stronger resistance to obstacles with 25 mm extra ground clearance, our NEW syncrodrive casing made of a cold impact modified nylon.

Rip it open and ride it like you stole it.

The YETI 129 FR is the all-rounder that makes the most of your motocross with our next gen 2.6" lug height track, reshaped for all-angle traction and upgraded suspension that stays firm eating up all obstacles. Shed weight, not strength with pure carbon fibre reinforced with aircraft grade aluminum.

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This Could be YOU this Winter. Contact Us for ordering in your kit TODAY!!!