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Tech Update BETA 2T

Tech Update BETA 2T

Tech Update BETA 2T

It has come to our attention, as well as to the Factory, that some of the 2T bikes are exhibiting corrosion on the ECU pins.  One pin in particular which controls the Oil Injection (OI) system can get corroded and at times can break free.  This has led to a much larger and costlier mechanical failure, not to mention the downtime for the rider.  We received a bulletin from the Factory (attached) that although is specific to the 2022 XTrainers, Beta Canada is extending this to all 2T and 4T models (Enduro, Trials) as they are all susceptible to this issue.  

  • For all 2022 2T bikes (non trials) that have been sold, please inform your customers ASAP.If the owner is not comfortable doing this work themselves, please make an appointment.  If the owner performs this check and finds corrosion on the ECU pins and/or main wiring harness, they must not drive it until corrected.  At this point the bike must be brought into a dealer to correct.  


*When using ACF-50 the treatment must be done every 6 months as well.

*The use of latex gloves is recommended when applying dielectric grease.



If any concerns / comments and/or suggestions please let us know.  


Thanks very much.

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