Lang's Off-Road Services

Lang's Off-Road Services

Suspension Service

One of the most critical aspects of any motorcycle is handling. We specialize in suspension services using Enduro Engineering suspension parts. To read more about suspension care and adjustment, read the Enduro Engineering Suspension Tuning Guide.

We are Canada's ONLY Authorized Enduro Engineering Suspension Service Shop. If you want your suspension to be spec'd with EE give us a call to arrange your service work today.

If you’d like to have us do some work for you, we make it as easy as possible. You can either stop by with your bike or with the parts, or you can download our Suspension Service Form and send it with your parts and we will perform the work and return them to you.

Suspension Service Form - Fill it out, print it (or print and fill), then mail it in with your suspension.


Services Overview

We offer repair service for all kinds of bikes and ATV’s. We specialize in BETA but our knowledge is definitely not limited to those machines, we are also known to work on Sherco, Husky, Gas Gas, and Husaberg. In addition, we offer suspension service, tune-ups, and trouble shooting advice as well.

As you can see, we’ve got a fully up-to-date shop with all the equipment to ensure your ride gets the treatment it deserves. Of course, good equipment doesn’t make a good mechanic, but it sure makes the job easier. Our shop is clean and well organized and you can be sure that when we are working on your bike, we’re not cutting corners. We take pride in our work and want to make sure that all of our customers leave as satisfied customers.

Shop Labour Rate: $119.95 / Hour

Suspension Service

More than just a ‘flush & fill’, we disassemble, clean, inspect, and reassemble using OEM (or better) parts.

  • Open chamber forks – $149.95 –  oil, parts extra.
  • Closed chamber forks – $159.95 – oil, parts extra.
  • Shock – $149.95 –  oil & gas, parts extra.
  • Fork re-valve – $189.95 –  oil, parts extra.
  • Closed chamber fork re-valve – $209.95 – oil and parts extra.
  • 4CS Forks re-valve - $309.95 - oil and parts extra.
  • Shock re-valve – $189.95 –  oil & gas, parts extra.

Finding your bike a little tall? We can help!

  • We can lower your bike up to two inches.
    • $600, complete bike dropped off.
    • $425, forks & shock dropped off.
    • *Some bikes require new fork springs.
    • Another option is to have the seat trimmed down, we can take out as much as 1.5", depending on how much foam there is to work with.
    • We remove the seat cover, sculpt the foam, and reinstall the cover for $85.

    Other services we provide:

    • Basic seat cover replacement $65, seat cover extra.
    • Wheel building & truing.
    • Fuel injection & carburettor cleaning.

      Don't see the product you want? Give us a call!