Factory Links Linkage Bearing Kit

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Our off-road premium linkage kit is designed from ground up to be the most comprehensive OEM replacement kit available on the market. It contains all OEM quality elements required for a complete overhaul of your linkage bearings.



LRK-C-001 SHERCO SE 08-16

LRK-C-002 SHERCO SE 17-19

LRK-G-006 Gas Gas EC/MC/MX/SM 125/200/250/300 2004-2011

LRK-G-021 GasGas EC/XC 250/300 18-19/Rieju 21-current

LRK-T3-031 HUSQ FC/FE/TC/TE 125/250/300/350/450/501 KTM SX/XC/EXC/-F 125/150/250/300/350/450 2004-2017

LRK-Y-132 Yamaha WR 250F, YZ 250F, YZ 250FX, YZ 450F 2009-2017

LRK-Y-130 Yamaha WR 250F, WR 450F, YZ 250F, YZ 450F 2004-2017

LRK-H-174 Honda CRE-F 250R, CRE/M-F 450R, CRF 250R/450R 2004-2017

LRK-Y-128 Yamaha YZ 125/250 2004-2017

LRK-H-169 Honda CRE 250, CRE-F 250X, CRE/M-F 450R, CRE/M-F 450X, CR 250R, CRF 250X, CRF 450/R/X 2004-2017