BPA-Racing Motorcycle Slack Adjuster Tool

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While people have been using the “3 finger method” to adjust their chain slack, this is definitely not a precise process and does not take into account the different requirements of each motorcycle. As a result, the chain slack may be left too tight or too loose, leading to the damage of motorcycle compartments and even dangerous accidents.

The BPA Chain Adjuster Tool, helps eliminate guesswork and achieve top precision for your chain slack every single time. Within a few seconds, with great ease and precision you can get the perfect chain adjustment that prolongs the life of your motorcycle parts and offers safer rides.

  • THE SOLUTION FOR PERFECTLY ADJUSTED CHAIN 24/7 [PATENT PENDING]: Once this dynamic comparator is calibrated for your motorcycle, it indicates in real-time what the perfect slack of the chain should be. The easy-to-read indicators will let you know if the chain is too loose, OK or too tight.
  • NO MORE COMPLICATED MEASUREMENTS: If you have ever tried to adjust the tension of the chain manually, with all the measurements and readjustments the service handbooks suggest, you probably know how hard that can be! Thanks to its easy-to-use design, this chain tension tool can be utilized by everyone, even motorcyclists who do not have any experience in mechanics.

  • PERFECT FOR ANY MOTORCYCLE: Thoroughly designed for 3.5 years, the BPA-Racing Slack Setter Tool grants an easier, quicker and more precise adjustment of the slack for all types of motorcycles – Standard, Café Racer, Scrambler, Sport Bike, Sport Touring, Cruiser, Adventure, Enduro and Dual-Sport.
  • CHAIN TENSION MATTERS - SAFETY COMES FIRST: Incorrect chain tension can damage various components of your motorcycle and result in accidents. If the chain is tensioned too much, it causes wear on the sprockets while it prevents rear suspension from working properly. If the chain is too loose, it rattles and could jump off anytime. In both cases, dangerous accidents could be caused. With this innovative slack setter, you can safely enjoy all your rides to the maximum!


  • THE #1 TOOL OF THE MARKET: Manufactured almost entirely of stainless steel with utter attention to all its components, this chain tool will stay by your side for years to come and go. A great buy-once-use-forever investment for every motorcycle owner.

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