DFX X Factor Fork Upgrade Kit - FVKTBETAX

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Beta X-Trainer Fork Upgrade Kit 250 / 300


The DFX XFactor fork upgrade kit for the Beta X-Trainer gives a plush and predictable feeling at all speeds, and soaks up bumps without deflection. It stops excessive diving, gives improved brake control, and is awesome at downhill. 

It comes with compression valve, oring, compression shim stack and check plate. The valves are hard anodized. The compression valve uses 24mm OD face shims and has a massive range of tuning if needed. It has 4 large ports on the check side for better pressure equalization. 

The rebound valve comes completely assembled. It consists of piston holder (post), cup washer, mid-valve spring, mid-valve shim stack, rebound piston with piston band, rebound shim stack, washer and lock nut.

The four-port rebound valve is 6mm ID, with 22mm face shim, so also gives a massive range of tuning if needed.

The mid-valve uses a 24mm face shim and has 4 high-flow ports to reduce the chance of cavitation, also gives a big range of tunability, and awesome pressure balance.

Full install instructions supplied.

DFX X Factor Fork Upgrade Kit - FVKTBETAX

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