Polisport E-Blaze LED Headlight Number Plate

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E-Blaze Headlight is the new addition to Polisports headlight range, renewing the offer with more LED power and a fresh innovative design. The E-Blaze headlight comes as one of a kind, with its slim design that resembles a number plate. This will give the bike a slimmer and modern look, that will bring it closer to a MX model. The headlight also features a large area for decoration, to be customized with decals. This headlight comes with 6 LED light units, bright and powerful enough to make you ride in pitch black conditions. The LED lights are adjustable, so you can adjust them to fit your ride. The E-Blaze will be available in 6 different colours to match your bike and features a mix of glossy and carbon fiber texture to make it look even better.