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Install of a P-Tech Skid Plate

Install of a P-Tech Skid Plate

This morning in the shop we had the opportunity to install a new P-Tech Skid plate on a 2015 Beta 480RR. The 2015 beta came stock with an aluminum skid plate which had good coverage, but the owner of this bike seems to be more in favour of riding and wrecking his bike then he is in favour of storing and shining it. The bike came in with a small hit to the rear right frame rail which the stock plate failed to protect, you should see in one picture. The OEM plate has seen some abuse  over the past 3 years and is seen in the dings and warps of the old plate. The coverage of the new plate should help this rider extend his years of bike wrecking to higher levels for a few more years. The Beta OEM is 3mil thick and the P-Tech is 4mil.


The P-Tech plate bolted right up using supplied hardware to the stock locations, it includes a hole for draining the trans oil, but appears to have missed for the location for the main oil, so removal of the plate may still be required for a service. The P-Tech plate comes with rubber laid in the pan to help drown the vibrations that are common with aluminum plates up against frame rails. The overall look of the plate is fantastic and fit and finish is top quality. 

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