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To Race PDI or not to Race PDI???

To Race PDI or not to Race PDI???

Race PDI what is it, should you bother? What does it entail?

Cost $349.95 for Enduro Bikes 
        $249.95 for Trials Bikes

Over the years of both pleasure riding and servicing both ours and customers bikes, we have noticed a common trait on them all, and that is the lack of proper, waterproof grease in all the sensitive locations. As bikes become more reliant on electrical components we are also seeing, more and more electrical issues that stem from poor connections or corrosion. Here at Lang's Offroad, we have made the decision to help our customers avoid those headaches and help prolong the service life of your bike beyond our shop doors.

Pre-mature failure of the components on your bike is not what either of us want to see, we want you to experience your toys to the fullest you can. With International shipping policies overseas, it is unfortunate that factories can not use sufficient greasing principals, so the end user is the one that tends to suffer, but we are here to help with this.

We take the time to COMPLETELY strip your bike apart, all bolts removed are either slathered with anti-seize or loc-tite depending on their application. All bearing surfaces are properly greased with WATERPROOF bearing grease, ensuring many rides in the future. All electrical connections have a compound of di-electric grease applied to prolong the chance of corrosion and keep any electrical gremlins away.

Included in the RACE PDI is a few extra little bonuses for you. We will install up to 3 extra accessories on your bike FREE of charge. Also, some of our manufacturers have also stepped up the game and will include an extra Month of Warranty on all bikes that have this done.


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