MY20+ BETA Turn Signals

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We have put together a kit for the new 2020+ BETA RR/RR-S bikes to have rear turn signals flush mount on the tail section. These are available as a  DIY kit, recommended for an RR model, and a plug-and-play system bolt-on tail section, generally used for RR-S models. You will require the undertail section if you are running the RR-S tail. Beta part# 037430140059 has been superseded to part# 037431208259 which will contain 4 extra parts, 2 grommets and 2 bushings required to be installed from the inside of the plate holder.

The new design of the tail section on MY20 BETA has several contours that will not allow clean flush mounting of turn signals. We will be offering this as plug and play part kit complete less the LED taillight for $145.95 You will get a complete set of turn signals, a new replacement under tail all mounted and ready to bolt-on. Shown with extra EE plate mount, not included in the kit.

You will most likely require an additional LED FLASHER RELAY for proper operation if running front LED lights.


Front turn signals are located HERE


If you are looking for flush mount lights for your PRE-Model year 20 BETA or 2015-2022 X-Trainer please check HERE

July 07 2022 update, currently waiting on more undertail stock parts, if you would like to get on a waiting list please email Craig for more info.

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