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Trials Chain Tensioner Guide Assy.

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Full chain tensioner assembly, this quality alternative comes as a complete unit including the chain pad. ALL TENSIONERS COME WITH NEW HARDWARE & SPRING


Part Number
CHT BETA REV  BETA Rev3, 125-300 2T, 2000-08' in RED
CHT BETA EVO 2T BETA EVO 125-300 2T, 09-19' in RED
 JI108-4420S BETA Rev 4T, 05'-08' in SILVER
CHT BETA EVO 4T BETA Evo 4T, 09-19' in RED
JI507-4420S SHERCO ST 99'-19', Scorpa Twenty 15'-19' in SILVER
JI207-4420S GASGAS TXT Pro/Racing/Raga/Factory, 02'-19' in SILVER
JI819-4420S TRS One, 16'-UP in silver
JI820-1332N TRS One chain tensioner spring, improved

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