Beta Oil Pump Gears

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Is your Beta 4T at or above the 80 hr mark? Its time to take a serious look and put some thought into changing your oil pump gears. We have and keep in stock everything you will need to replace them. Steel Oil Pump Gears, or the stock OEM replacements. Kits to do the job right. Simply choose either OEM gears or Steel gears, and the year of your bike and we will provide you with the gears, and gasket you will need.


MY '10-14 will include the following OEM part Numbers

 2x 006-080300-000 oil pump gears
006-080220-000 oil pump gears

OR steel gear set 031-460288-200  

029-010310-000 Clutch cover gasket

MY '15-17 will include the following OEM part Numbers

006-080220-000 oil pump gear
029-080300-000 oil pump gear

OR steel gear set 031-460298-200

006-010310-000 Clutch cover gasket