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Clake SLR Hand Brake Kit

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Clake SLR

The Clake SLR is a hand-operated rear brake, commonly also called a left hand rear brake (LHRB), specifically designed for motorbike use. It is not a rebadged bicycle system, and offers far better ergonomics, much more power and better feel than any other separate master cylinder system on the market. It also allows room for most stock switch blocks and is the most compact system available.

The Clake SLR will fit any bike running a Brembo PS10 clutch master cylinder – this includes most models of KTM, Beta, Husqvarna, Husaberg, GasGas, TM, and many others. It is suitable for bikes with standard clutches and especially those fitted with auto-clutches such as the Rekluse. it has a FIM race legal ball-ended lever and a decent sized fluid reservoir so that you don’t need to top it up as the pads wear.

The Clake SLR is manufactured inhouse to maintain the strictest quality control, and major components are CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminium, including the lever which pivots on high quality sealed ball bearings. The lever is possibly one of the most unbreakable on the market due to its flexible design, and it can be easily adjusted for reach and folds out to prevent breakage. It features a quality teflon-lined braided hose, not a cheap plastic line.

You can retain your rear brake pedal if you wish buy ordering the dual control Clake SLR. You also have the option of swapping the lever functions (with the use of the optional hose kit) to have the SLR lever operate the clutch and the Brembo lever actuate the rear brake.

Advantages Of The Clake SLR

  • Right leg off the peg for stability when braking into right hand corners.
  • Consistent rear brake application no matter how bumpy the terrain is.
  • Your right foot maintains optimum footpeg position regardless of braking.
  • Leaning the bike over in tight turns over does not affect rear brake access.
  • Much easier to cover the rear brake during wheelies and prevent flipping.
  • Consistent braking despite body position e.g. leaned back on steep descents.
  • Starts on steep uphills are easier with both feet on the ground.
  • Rear brake access when off the bike e.g. bull dogging steep descents.
  • Rear brake control despite your foot knocked off the peg e.g. a tank slapper.
  • Ideal for riders with a disability or injury affecting their right leg.


Please Specify in Notes make and model of bike to ensure correct fit.

Will work with Brembo Clutch Master Cylinder and Nissin or Brembo Rear Brake Master depending on kit ordered.

SLR-KTM for Brembo Rear Brake

SLR-Beta for Nissin Rear Brake