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Trials Forged Front Brake levers

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Cold forged levers offer strength against impact. By cold forging, the levers bend rather than break, hopefully allowing you to continue after a fall. They are also stiffer allowing more precise feel. Huge range of applications available.

Available in Black or Silver and OEM or shorty lengths, other colours available on special order.

LEB90.1LGP LG S - AJP/Braktec/Beta/Grimeca

LEB90.1S SHORT - AJP/Braktec/Beta/Grimeca Shorty Lever, CAST

Note; for the above levers remove plastic bushings to fit Beta/Grimeca

LEB90 ELITE - AJP Stock length front brake lever

LEB91 ELITE - Braktec Stock length front brake lever

LEB92 ELITE - Beta/Grimeca front brake lever

The 'Elite' series levers include a knurled aluminum anodized quick adjuster.

Please note; Braktec levers listed here do not fit Braktec Enduro master cylinders.

Some pictures may be for example purposes only, on occasion parts may be on Special Order

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