CSP Alu-Tech Footpegs

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*NEW*  Beta foot pegs from Costa Special Parts. Pre MY20 have optional lowering ability. Will fit to current X-Trainer as well.

download instructions for 1925 kit


- Made of 7075 T6 Ergal aluminum alloy

- Interchangeable stainless steel grub screw AISI 304

- Come complete of 2 different bushings to fit the foot pegs in 2 different positions (standard and lower/rearward)

- Comes complete of springs, stopper screws and spacers to adjust the tilt

- Extreme grip in every situation of use

- What’s inside the kit: a complete set of grub screws, 2 springs and a complete set of stop screws with bushings

 KIT 1925 will fit BETA 10-19 RR/RR-S and X-Trainer 15-22
 Kit 1927 will fit BETA 20-22 RR/RR-S (non adjustable)
Will not fit 125RR-S