Factory Links Front Wheel Bearing Kit

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Our advanced premium off-road wheel bearing kit contains all elements required for a full service of your wheel hub. Our oil seals and ball bearings have established a categorical improvement over conventional bearings. Factory-Links ball bearing features a dedicated off-road design dust seals that offers the ultimate protection against the intrusion of contaminants such as water, mud and dust.


FWK-T-023 Beta RR 125-520

FWK-G-001 Sherco '12-CURRENT

FWK-G-002 GasGas EC 125-300 04-19/Rieju 21-current

FWK-Y-032 Yamaha WR250-450 F/R YZ125-450 F 04-17

FWK-Y-031 Yamaha YZ125/250 04-17

FWK-H-033 Honda CR125-500/R/F 04-17


FWK-T-022 HUSA/KTM FE/FS/FX/SX/EXC/XC 125-570 04-17