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Front MousseBalls manage to adapt with ease from the typical conditions of Extreme Enduro to the more stressful conditions of the great African Rallies. In fact, by modifying the number of inserts it will be possible to obtain the support and feeling sought after depending on the type of use or coverage desired.

Rear MousseBalls particular care was taken to study the compound and structure of the rear MousseBalls. In fact, it is well known that in all OffRoad disciplines this is one of the most stressed components. The result is a durable, customizable, but above all reliable Mousse.

MrWolf's MousseBalls are the link between the versatility of an inner tube and the puncture-proofing and performance qualities of a traditional mousse. In fact, thanks to the innovative and patented sector structure, it will be possible to completely customize the response of the wheel assembly depending on the terrain conditions, the intended use and the rider's preferences; but without sacrificing the reliability and feel of a mousse.

MrWolf's MousseBalls adapt perfectly to any type of tire cover, offering a wide range of customization and an extremely easier assembly than a traditional mousse.

MrWolf's MousseBalls are created to meet the needs of both the Amateur and the Racer. In fact, the Amateur will be able to count on a mousse with a much longer lifespan, able to be regenerated over time using the two extra inserts included in the package. The Racer, on the other hand, will be able to have from the very first minute a mousse ready to use with optimal performance, able to adapt both to the tire chosen and to the type of terrain or race to be faced. the MousseBalls system is also synonymous with absolute reliability: thanks to the patented sector technology and the greater surface/volume ratio, operating temperatures manage to drop by up to 33%; in addition, the complete absence of vibrations reduces overheating due to hysteresis, increasing feeling and versatility of use.

MousseBalls have been tested in all conditions of use: from Cross to Enduro, from Rally to Maxi-Enduro.


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