Optimate 2 DUO x 2 Bank Battery Charger

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OptiMate 2 DUO DUAL bank, the powerful ‘no brainer’ 2-bank battery maintainer for the hi-technology battery in any of your vehicles – Guarantees healthy lithium or lead-acid batteries!

The 2 bank battery charger is ideal for 2x 12V lead-acid and 12,8V/13,2V lithium LFP batteries.Ideal for 2x 12V lead-acid & 12.8V / 13.2V lithium LFP (LiFePO4) batteries.
The 2 bank battery charger can independently charge, test and maintain 2 x 12V lead-acid and 13,2V LifePO4 batteries.Independently charge, test and maintain 2 x 12V lead-acid (STD, AGM, GEL) / 13.2V lithium LFP (LiFePO4) batteries – Batteries are always ready to perform.
The 2 Bank battery charger delivers 2 Amps charge current which is recommended for the maintenance of: Side by side UTV, cars, pick up trucks, lawn mowers, marine and touring motorcycles.Delivers 2 Amps charge current recommended for maintenance of larger batteries.
The steps for long term maintenance: Connect, charge and maintain.
Charges and delivers long term maintenance – Connect to the battery and OptiMate 2 DUO DUAL bank does the rest, no supervision required!




Adapts automatically to Pb or LFP battery.

Safe to leave connected. Full electronic protection.
Maintains battery at full charge and good health.
Low Volt Start of 4V.
Warns when battery damage is detected.
Energy saving technology.
Stand-by power less than 0.5W.
Efficient 24-7 battery maintenance.
Weatherproof. Rated for use down to -40°C / -40°F.