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Replacement Clutch Hose TRIALS

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The Jitsie clutch hose features Brake-Flow® technology for optimal braking power and unrivalled flexibility. A fantastic upgrade for a better performing brake, especially when used with Jitsie Race brake pads.

* Brake-flow® technology features unrivalled braking power
* lightweight design
* PTFE hoses with 304L stainless braided hoses in dash 2 with black PVC outer shell

JI214-CLD2N RACE Fits: Vertigo 125-300 16-24', Gas Gas Pro/Racing/Raga/Factory 11-20
Direct replacement for:
Vertigo - V-0355
Gasgas - BT470002809, BT280522003, BT47000GG-CKA-1

JI114-CLD2N RACE Fits: Beta Evo 09-24 Replacement for 007350260000

JI314-CLD2N RACE Fits: Montesa 4RT 05-24'