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Disc Saver Enduro rear EXAGGERATE

EXAGGERATE. Hard Enduro rear disc protector.

100% adaptable to the rear calipers of:

  • KTM-Brembo   DSE-1500 up to MY23    DSE-24 all MY24+ KTM/GG/HSQ
  • SHERCO-Brembo DSE-1500
  • HKY-Magura   DSE-1500
  • GAS GAS EC21-22 Braktec  DSE-1500
  • Beta-Nissin  DSE-1598
  • Rieju-Nissin  DSE-1537

Made by aluminum forging, series 6000

Protect rear disc of your motorcycle against side and rocks impacts.

Avoid DNF in races and excursions. 

Conception, Engineering, production 100% S3. Protection, safety and design with S3 standards!

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Last Update 11/21/2023 CS