Trials Frame Protection

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Add some bling to your bike at the same time as some possible much needed protection at the same time. These CARBON look covers are an affordable way to save you from scratching your frame rails up, or coloured to blend in with your existing layout. Made by Trick bits.

TBCB4B CARBON Beta 2T/4T EVO 09-20'

TBCB4B WHITE Beta 2T/4T EVO 09-20'

TBCB4D RED  Beta  2T/4T EVO 09-20'

TBCB5B CARBON Beta EVO 09-20' Swing Arm Cover

TBCBE1A Beta EVO 2T/4T 09-20' Airbox Cover

TBCBE7A Beta EVO 09-20' Airbox Mudflap Cover

*NEW* TBCBE8A Beta EVO 09-current Rear Master Cyl Cover

TBCGG5C CARBON GasGas TXT 11-20' Frame Covers

TBCGG5CR RED GasGas TXT 11-20 Frame Covers

TBCM3A Montesa 4RT 05-19' Frame Covers

TBCM4A Montesa 4RT 05-19' Swingarm Covers


TBCM1A Montesa 4RT 05-19' Airbox Cover

TBCTRS 2A TRS 16'-20' Frame covers

TBCV1A Vertigo 16-22 Frame Covers

TBCV2A Vertigo 16-22 Swingarm Covers